A Managed Approach to IT Support & Virtualization Services

Information System Solutions is a unique provider of IT support services providing on-site & remote IT support services on a fixed-price managed solution or project-by-project basis. At Information System Solutions we offer the ability to remotely connect to your PC and Server and provide the immediate support when and where you need it. In addition we offer the ability to host  or remotely monitor and manage your servers on a 24x7 basis to ensure your critical applications are available at all time. Information System Solutions provides certified IT support for business users and are experts in diagnostics, repair, set-up and installation for many products and platforms including:

•   Microsoft 2000, XP & Vista
•   VMware & MS Virtual Server
•   Microsoft Server NT, 2003 2008
•   Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes & All Email Platforms
•   Router, Firewall and Wireless Devices
•   Virus & Spyware problems
•   Printers
•   iSeries /AS400
•   UNIX / Linux
•   Web Development & Flash Presentation
•   SAS70 Co-Location & Managed Hosting

Information System Solutions' technicians are all based in the US and have been providing IT services for over 10 years and with a customer satisfaction rate above 95%, ISS provides the most cost effective and efficient IT support to Businesses and Consumers without utilizing long-term support contracts or expensive on-site support personnel

Add our SAS70 Co-Location and managed hosting services, and our web development & Flash Presentation skills, you can be assured that Information System Solutions can provide your business with the IT hosting and development skills required to support and drive your business.


Virtual testing environment

Most organizations are looking at virtualization to resolve their expanding server sprawl and reduce running costs. However, when reviewing and planning for server virtualization a number of obstacles and questions are raised?

  • Will my server environment work in a virtualized environment?
  • What will performance be like?
  • What Hardware & Software configuration do I need?
  • How long will it take to migrate my environment?
  • Do I need to employ a consultant to size my environment?
  • What Disaster Recovery options are available?
  • Can I phase my server migration?
  • What timescales should I plan for my project?

Information SYstem Solutions can help you answer these questions by providing you a VMware test environment, on a month-by-month basis, tailored to your specific requirements. With the added optional benefit of Information System Solutions VMware Certified Consultants and Technicians available to assist you with all your questions, sizing and support requirements, you can be sure that you will be prepared for your future virtualization projects.

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